Can Cannabis Help Your Workout?

Can Cannabis Help Your Workout

Last updated on March 26th, 2024 at 01:28 am

Forget the couch lock. Did you know that cannabis use may be suitable for your workout routine? It’s an area explored less by enthusiasts but is recently getting attention. Sativa-dominant cultivars like Strawberry Lemonade are at the forefront of this debate.

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Join us as we investigate the role of weed in your workout routine. We’ll also examine the benefits and cons of using weed to exercise.

How cannabis helps with your pre and post-workout routine

Research around exercise and cannabis use is minimal. Few studies in legalized states suggest a positive influence in a workout session. Below are ways that it could help your gym session improve.

  • Exercising is physically demanding. Using weed before a workout may help boost your motivation. The high of smoking a joint is a contributing factor to ensuring you enjoy the exercise session.
  • CBD in weed may also help to reduce inflammation after intense gym sessions. It works on connective tissues and joints to ease soreness and help with recovery. 
  • Post-workout benefits of using cannabis may include pain reduction from strenuous exercises. Indicas are effective soothers that might put you to sleep after tiring your muscles.
  • The sedative effect of some strains makes you feel fresh the following day after working out. It enables you to have constant exercise sessions.
  • Taking weed increases your appetite. It’s useful, especially after an intense workout session, to replenish lost energy.
  • Uptake of weed before a competitive sport or workout could also help to ease your anxiety. Small doses are helpful in taking the edge off and calming the nerves.
  • The euphoric effects of cannabis use allow for the deepening of the mind-body connection. It leads to better and more focused workout sessions that are holistic. 

Argument against the use of weed for workouts

Weed uptake before and after a workout session could have the following effects. The outcomes are more pronounced if you have an underlying medical condition.

  • Taking a few hits of marijuana may increase heart rate and blood pressure within an hour. Exercise is usually intense, and the effects of smoking could be adverse if you have a heart disease.
  • The sedative effects of indicas may interfere with your motor function abilities. It could lead to injuries during vigorous exercise routines.
  • Experts also point to lung damage if you have a weak immune system. Smoking weed before a workout session can put more strain on your lungs. It may lead to complications like chronic bronchitis.

Tips to use cannabis for workout

Cannabis use for workouts is on the rise. Anecdotal evidence shows the benefit of cannabis in working out. Here’s how to derive its physical and psychological effects for effective exercise routines.

  • Ensure that you’re aware of any pre-existing medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases. It could strain your heart after smoking weed and engaging in intense workouts.
  • Use weed in small amounts that you’re comfortable with and only when you need it for workouts. Long-term use of high THC doses may lead to depression and decreased motivation.
  • Limit your workout to light exercises if you overindulge in weed. It helps to avoid serious accidents due to impairment of motor skills.
  • Switch to non-smoke methods of ingesting weed if you have existing lung problems. It helps to keep you fit to endure vigorous workout sessions.
  • Smoke high-THC strains in the evening and after workouts. It helps to reduce the feeling of drowsiness that may prevent proper exercise.
  • Know the dosage rules for marijuana content for the competitive sport you wish to take part in. THC metabolites may remain in your body for up to 30 days, detectable through blood or urine.
  • Make sure not to replace your pre- or post-workout diet with marijuana fully. Little to no research backs this method. A wise routine combines one and the other to get the best of both worlds.
  • Consider the method of consumption. Smoking and vaping give effects almost immediately. They are the best to use right before or after a workout session. Edibles take more time to give desirable results, so eat them a few hours before exercising. 

Is it worth it to use weed for workouts?

Cannabis use among athletes is on the rise. The apparent benefits seem to be psychological rather than physically enhancing. The adverse effects are deadly only if you have a predisposed condition.

The debate on using marijuana to help your workout is ongoing and needs more research. The World Anti-Doping Agency highly prohibits marijuana, barring many athletes from using it.

Consider all these factors into consideration to determine if it’s safe to take weed or not for workouts. 

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