How Many Humans Are Needed To Build A Colony On Mars? 

How Many Humans Are Needed To Build A Colony On Mars 

Last updated on March 28th, 2024 at 04:17 am

New Study Suggests Fewer Astronauts Needed to build a colony on Mars.

Scientists are reshaping our understanding of the requisite numbers in the grand vision of founding a colony on Mars. A groundbreaking research from George Mason University and its collaborators has shaken the foundations of previous estimations. This study proposes that a thriving colony could be constructed with as few as 22 astronauts.

Traditionally, projections estimated the need for a minimum of 100 to 500 individuals to accomplish a self-sustaining settlement on the enigmatic Red Planet. Yet, this recent research is awaiting peer review and has found its place in the arXiv.

This study is unique because it includes human social dynamics and psychological intricacies. Venturing into Mars colonization involves a combination of exceptional challenges. The specialized feat of engineering a habitat capable of self-sufficiency, coupled with the scarcity of resources, paints a problematic picture. Apart from mechanical challenges, the psychological fortitude of future colonists looms huge. 

The scientists use Agent-Based Modeling stimulation to map out the trajectory of human life on Mars. This stimulation includes attributes such as metabolism, resilience, skills, and stress levels while incorporating distinct psychological profiles. The study also found a link between personality traits and survival odds. The “agreeable” personalities appear more apt for succeeding in the Martian environment, while individuals with “neurotic” tendencies display a higher mortality rate. These findings can help fulfill human’s most audacious dream – building a home amidst the stars.

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