A Guide to Staying Fashionable on a Business Trip


Last updated on March 27th, 2024 at 12:59 am

Staying fashionable when you are on a business trip may not seem like your priority, and yet doing so can help you to stay confident and to look the part of a professional when you are away. As such, if you are struggling to achieve the look that you want, here are some top tips that can help you to stay fashionable when you are next on a business trip.

1. Choose the Right Pants

The right pants can change the entire dynamic of your outfit. There are many smart pant options out there, including flattering wide-leg and twill shapes that are perfect for the office and beyond. The great advantage of wearing pants while traveling is that they are usually comfortable, and you will be able to make them look the part for daytime or evening events depending on what you wear as a top.

Not only this, but pants can often be worn a few days in a row without needing a wash, meaning that you will not have to take so many clothes with you on your business trip. As such, it is vital that you look around for shops that sell a huge array of women’s pants, including flared and tapered pant options.

This will ensure that you can look great both inside and outside of your business events and meetings. Although you might consider taking skirts, these are often impractical for long trips as they are less comfortable, and you might struggle to travel in them.

2. Wear a Smart Jacket

Depending on the weather in your destination, you may have to pack a few jackets and coats to take with you. However, instead of thinking of them as separate from the outfits that you are creating, you should consider making them a part of your business ensembles.

For instance, you might decide to wear blazers and suit jackets instead of bomber, duffel, or trench coats. These will then instantly smarten up your appearance no matter what you have on underneath them and will ensure that your coat does not let down the look that you are going for.

However, it is important that your coat is appropriate for the weather, or else you may find that you are uncomfortable for the whole trip, lack focus, or end up becoming ill.

3. Think About Your Shoes

Although you might simply be planning on throwing the first shoes that you grab into your suitcase, you should instead think carefully about the shoes that you want to opt for. For instance, you might decide to wear brogues, Oxfords, or another form of flat smart shoes that will look perfect in a professional setting.

Although heels may make you feel good, they are not always easy to wear on a business trip, especially if you only have a small luggage allowance, or if you will be walking or traveling long distances.

As such, you should make sure that you prioritize your comfort when it comes to shoes while looking for options that will blend in and match each and every clothing item in your suitcase.

4. Don’t Overdo Accessories

Although you might be determined to look nice on your business trip, this does not mean that you have to throw on every accessory that you own. Instead, due to the limited packing space that you will have and the risk of loss of valuables, you should pack a few pieces that you believe you cannot travel without and that can be paired with any combination of clothing that you choose to wear.

This will help you to enjoy an understated and minimalist look that is both fashionable and professional while meaning that you do not have to drag around cases filled with accessories with you everywhere you go. Dressing for a business trip can be difficult, and you might be dithering about what you should take with you.

As such, you should pack the clothes that make you feel good and that are appropriate for the weather, with a couple of changes that will be perfect for bigger or less casual events, such as business conferences and talks. This will help you to look and feel good while you are away.

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