7 Closet Overhaul Tips for the Modern Man


Last updated on December 4th, 2023 at 04:39 pm

Thankfully, there are now significantly more retailers and designers, both on the high street and online, who solely cater to men and are embracing the exciting world of male fashion and style. This expansion and broadening of fashion designers’ minds have resulted in a much more eclectic and enjoyable range of choices for men who are looking to revamp, refresh, and rejuvenate their aesthetic look. With this in mind, here are seven key closet overhaul tips for the modern man.

1. Simple & Supportive Underwear

When it comes to underwear, the supportive and well-fitting boxer is the way to go and if you are like the vast majority of other people, when it comes to your underwear drawer, it is long overdue a clear-out.

Avoid attempting to express your ‘quirky side’ through your underwear and leave novelty prints and cartoon images on your briefs in your childhood, instead choosing a plain, high-quality boxer made from pure cotton.

2. Staple Tees

For any man, regardless of your lifestyle, age or style preference, you simply cannot go wrong with a plain black t-shirt and a plain white one and there is a seemingly endless array of mens casual t shirts available from reputable and renowned online fashion suppliers. In addition, it would also be helpful to choose lighter, longer-sleeved t-shirts in khaki and stone colors too, which will make layering a lot easier.

3. Accessorize Minimally

Pocket squares and ties transform a plainer and ordinary suit into something a little more special, but some men make the mistake of including too many colors and this makes the look seem messy and disjointed.

Instead, be sensible and incredibly choosy when you are putting together an outfit with striking accessories and avoid the twee matching of the materials. Have a bit more freedom and trust in your abilities to pair colors, patterns and fabrics effectively.

4. Keep Your Closet Organized

You have to admit that there would be virtually no point in taking such care in investing in a whole new wardrobe and then keeping your closet as untidy as a bachelor’s pad.

Purchase quality, non-slip hangers for your clothes, or else choose hangers in softwood and always keep your suits cleaned and pressed, with a dust jacket over the entire set when hanging in the closest.

5. Be Brave When It Comes to Color

Whether you are focused on revamping and updating your closet to improve your collection of formalwear, or else it is casualwear that you are concentrating on, it is time to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with color.

Try to avoid being like so many men across the country and beyond who feel as if even a slight dash of bold color is too scary and instead stick to blacks, greys, and dark blues. Instead, start small and introduce a splash of mustard or khaki green to your ensemble, both colors of which will easily be matched with darker tones and shades.

6. Invest in a Pair of Slim-Tapered Jeans

The world of jeans is such a vast one that it can understandably be more than a little frustrating when out shopping for a couple of new pairs and both men and women, jeans are perhaps the hardest garment of all to find that fit perfectly.

For men, however, the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans is decidedly easier and you simply cannot go wrong if you invest in a pair of high-quality jeans in a slim-tapered style.

7. Spend Time Choosing Your Suits

Women and other men alike are usually absolutely unanimous in their answer to what they find most attractive in terms of men’s fashion and that answer is a well-fitting suit.

As such, not just for your outward aesthetic appearance but also for your own levels of confidence in what you are wearing and general levels of self-esteem, choosing a new suit should take you far more time than simply wandering into your nearest store.

Ensure that your new suit trousers fit properly along the waistband and are neither too long nor too short around the ankle and that the jacket fits perfectly across the shoulders.

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