21 Tips on Making a Girl Like You

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Last updated on December 2nd, 2023 at 07:32 pm

Teenagers and grown men alike find it difficult to make a girl like them, be it for short flings or something long term. Making a girl like you doesn’t have to be challenging. It boils down to coming out of your shell and exemplifying your best assets. This will show the girl the real you. 

Getting a girl to like you takes a short time. Depending on how much you fancy the lady, it can take a day or a few hours. Seek mail order brides Ukraine, with an understanding of their culture.

Let’s check out 21 tips on how to make a girl fancy you.

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1. Humor

Making anyone laugh is the key to grabbing their attention, and possibly admiration. Laugh at your own mistakes and watch her fall for you instantly.

2. Authenticity

Anytime you have to pretend to be somebody else, girls notice. This leaves them unnerved and uneasy. It’s important to be real for trust to build up.

3. Eye Contact

Girls should be the ones to act shy and not men. The idea is to maintain eye contact at all times, whether in school, on the bus, or at work. It signifies and implies interest – period

4. Hi

Begin your conversation with something as simple as hello. Usually, practiced lines lead to disappointment and immediate dismissal. Keep it simple.

5. Confidence

Be confident in all you do. Spend less time slouching, or walking toward her undecidedly. Nothing is as attractive to a lady as a confident man.

6. Common Interests

Whatever your common interests, discuss them repeatedly and with enthusiasm. Keep similarities nearer and contention at bay.

7. Dress to Impress

They say attire is what makes a man – clothes make or break you. Shoes are as important as any other item of dressing.

8. Grooming

Aside from shoes, pay attention to body odor, smelly feet, and unkempt hair. It might make you look rugged, but not everyone appreciates that.

9. Learn to Cook

A man that can whip up a meal is an instant hit in any girl’s book. Learn how to prepare healthy five-star meals and you are a keeper.

10. Love animals

Any sign that you hate or mistreat animals will send girls packing. If you hope to meet brides, ensure you at least love dogs.

11. Drive

Have ambition at the very least toward your career, and even on a personal level toward a family. Girls love someone with drive – coz it spells a future.

12. Compassion

You should be the first to help her when a crisis occurs. If she can count on you without fail/questions, she will admire you wholly.

13. Determination

Confidence should come with determination. Show you are willing to put extra effort into a relationship, and she will reciprocate.


Learn her likes and dislikes as soon as possible. It helps in avoiding awkward situations and will make her smile when you do right.

15. Compliments

Always shower her with compliments when you can. It boosts her self-esteem and reminds her she is worthy of someone.

16. Music

Find her favorite music or tunes that will help ease tensions. When she is disgruntled play her favorite music.

17. Outings

Take her out for lunches, dinners, and especially picnics. She will enjoy special places where you can both share interests.

18. Treat her Differently

You cannot treat her the same way you treat friends. Distinctions between her as a special person and friends are a must.

19. Poke Fun of Yourself

Be at ease when you make a mistake or embarrass yourself. She will appreciate this in the sense of you being humble and easy-going.

20. Memory

If you can remember stuff she talked about before, it will impress her. It is an attractive trait to remember important things she has mentioned before.

21. Quality Time

Make as much time for the two of you as possible. There should be special days when nothing else counts except time with her. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy attracting the cutest mail order brides Ukraine, or the girl next door.

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