10 Tips for Dating a Woman Who Has Been Single for a Long Time

Dating a Woman

Last updated on March 25th, 2024 at 10:47 pm

Dating a woman who has been single for a while can be challenging. “Over time, some of these ladies have grown a shell that would protect them against evil dudes,” warns experts. According to this blog, these ladies can be a handful, especially if they’ve had lots of heartbreaks.

Because of that, you must be tactful. The last thing you want to do is hurt someone who has been hurt plenty before. Furthermore, your unconscious actions might lead to the dissolution of something that could’ve been a memorable love story. So, if you want to form a long-lasting relationship with the potential of a marriage, make sure to follow the tips in this guide provided by BridesUniverse mail order bride site and its international dating experts.  

  1. Expect Some Individualism

You should expect some level of individualism if a girl has been alone for a while. These ladies are used to their daily routine, and they won’t take kindly to someone who would disrupt their activities. Even if you don’t notice some of these habits, they’ll become clearer if you ever move in. Girls who fly solo have their way of cleaning dishes, cooking food, watching movies, buying groceries, and so on. Because of that, you’ll have to find a common ground or adapt to situations where she can’t change her habits.

  1. Follow Her Tempo

Forever alone, girls will react to new boyfriends in two ways: they will smother them or have a casual, emotionally distant relationship. Some women will perceive you as a solution to all their problems, becoming excessively clingy. Others will struggle to incorporate you into their lives, meeting you once or twice a week. Whatever the case, we suggest you follow her tempo. If she prefers a more intense relationship, try to accommodate. Similarly, be patient if she needs time to adjust to this new situation.  

  1. Don’t Exploit Her

Once the girl decides you’re the right person, she will start showering you with affection. As someone who has been alone for a while, this lady was probably eager to meet someone of your caliber. Unfortunately, many guys take advantage of this fact. Certain men will completely exploit her willingness, asking her for all sorts of concessions. As the relationship progresses, she will feel more and more burdened by your list of endless demands, which commonly leads to a breakup. So, for her and the relationship’s sake, don’t take advantage of her kindness and always try to reciprocate.

  1. Be Romantic

If a woman decides to give herself to you after so much time being alone, this is a big thing for her. She probably perceives you as a potential spouse and might have already envisioned a future with a bunch of kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. That being said, occasional romantic gestures can go a long way in strengthening your relationship. Even if it means being soppy at times, prepare a few surprises that will sweep her off her feet.

  1. Don’t Mind Her Friends

Due to her emotional attachment, she will likely want to introduce you to her friends as soon as possible. Ladies who have been off the market for a while usually feel a bit timid and insecure, and they need second-hand confirmation. So, don’t be upset if her friends are a bit nosey. They will try to squeeze as much information about you and assess whether you’re the right guy for their friend. Answer their questions in a calm demeanor and try to be a good sport about it.

  1. Disclose Your Attentions

These ladies have a hard time trusting guys as they’ve probably been bamboozled one time, too many. Most of them will think you’re with them just for sex, which might lead to an eventual breakup. The best way to alleviate her doubts is to be straightforward regarding your intention. In fact, you might even consider telling her that you love you a bit sooner than you would otherwise. Of course, if you decide to go that way, make sure she feels the same, as you don’t want to alienate her.

  1. Be Truthful

Being honest is vital for any relationship, especially in this day and age. As many people meet each other online, through dating websites, there’s a lot of “misrepresentation.” Guys will lie about their height, weight, job, and everything in between. Even if it’s a small white lie that doesn’t get detected right away, she might figure it out sooner rather than later. Because of that, we suggest that you’re honest from the get-go. Don’t do anything that will disappoint her down the line, as you might lose an incredible lady due to a temporary lapse of judgment.

  1. Meet Her Family

Given the nature of such relationships, most girls will want to introduce you to their family rather quickly. Guys, especially young ones, often fail this test. When she proposes that you go to her family’s house for lunch, don’t disappoint her. Instead, get a few presents and put your best foot forward. This trick is vital if you’re dating mail-order brides, as they come from a different culture and usually have strong family values.

  1. Don’t Question Her

When a guy likes a girl who hasn’t been in a relationship for a while, he starts questioning her about past issues. Men tend to be skeptical in these situations, thinking there’s something terribly wrong with a person. They will start questioning her mercilessly until she breaks. Although it’s normal to ask her about her past experiences, you should be too pushy. Either stick with her or let her go; there’s no security blanket in this case.

  1. Let Her In

Unfortunately, there were also many guys who were in the same situation as these girls. If you’ve also been hurt in the past, you need to open yourself up to your woman. Even if it means being vulnerable, this will build a bridge between the two sides.


Finding common ground with a girl who has been alone for a long time is hard. Luckily, by using tricks disclosed in this article, you’ll have a much easier time building a strong rapport.

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